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The Design Made in Hong Kong main goal is building a bridge between Milan and Hong Kong - in the name of design culture. It is therefore one of the most important stage of the project the conversation dialogue developed by each Hong Kong school and its supporting partner with an Italian designer, associated to the topic because of its specific skills and experiences. 

With “Material Life Matters”, the Hong Kong Baptist University explores new ways of living with more meaning and passion, through objects that can inject joy and resilience in a time of contagious fear and anxiety. The school found ceramics as the best medium for its explorations. The matching with Sara Ricciardi is due to her creative and outstanding approach to design production. Attentive to everyday rituals and not only to the functionality of objects, the emerging talent of Italian design is the ideal figure to follow the development of projects. 

The project developed by the Hong Kong Design Institute is entitled "Home - Family Connection Through Design". It investigates alternative forms of inhabiting high-density megacities like Hong Kong: innovative ways of collective living, hybridization between life and work, houses shared by different generations of relatives. Federico Peri 's experience in the interior design of interiors and hybrid objects will be useful for students to develop complex and multifunctional projects. The partners of this project are TCL Multimedia Technology Holding Ltd and The Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Association.

With “SuperStack” students from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University – School of Design showcase the new concepts of quality living in the tiny home environment, including but not limited to how we anticipate the new normal of the superimposed user’s patterns of family members. Designer, trend forecasting consultant and art director of companies in the furniture and design sector, Federica Biasi is an all-round creative, who is able to understand global dynamics and contextualise them in different scenarios. The partner of this project is Bamboo International (Group) Co. Ltd.