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Madison - 1983

designed by Aldo Cibic

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works

for Memphis

(Schio, Vicenza, Italy, 1955)

Aldo Cibic is a self-taught architect, designer, researcher, ecologist, and humanist. In the late ’70s, he moved to Milan and joined the circle of Ettore Sottsass, eventually becoming a partner in the Sottsass Associati studio. The following year marked the creation of the Memphis Group, of which Cibic was one of the co-founders. In 1989 he founded his own studio, Cibic & Partners, and at the same time he started to collaborate with various universities, in particular the Domus Academy, Politecnico di Milano, and the Università IUAV di Venezia. He is an Honorary Professor at the Tongji University of Shanghai. Based in Milan but operating internationally, he is involved in urban, architectural, and interior projects; he has recently focused his research on the continuously evolving investigation into the nature and design of interactive living in the modern world. He has also collaborated and exhibited in important installations, including “Microrealities” (Venice Biennale, 2004) and “Rethinking Happiness” (Venice Biennale, 2010) a project that aimed to improve people’s quality of life on economic, social, and environmental levels by encouraging them to act on what is best for the future of their communities. 


Floor metal lamp. Lighting source can be oriented. Linear halogen, one bulb 300 W.

W 20 x D 20 x H 40 cm

Aldo Cibic was a co-founder of the Memphis Group founded in 1981 and Madison was presented in the third Memphis collection of 1983. The 1983 Memphis brochure reiterates the values and aims: “The third Memphis, like the second, confirms the aims and plans of the first: to open up new design possibilities, to widen the concept of design to contribute information to the field of design, invent a new catalogue of signs […] actualize the look of the domestic and non-domestic environment, pursue life and sensorial impulses, and consequently fashion and fashions.” Compared to his fellow members of the Memphis Group, Aldo Cibic’s designs are more subdued, using bright colour more as accents than the main character in his designs. In Madison, the elegance of the lamp is expressed in its metal finishing, but Cibic’s minimal use of colour still packs a punch in complementary green and red at the top of the lamp. Its form and name echoes that of a metropolitan city.