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Libra - 2018

designed by Sara Ricciardi

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works



LIBRA with Pierfrancesco Solimene's workshop for HANDS ON DESIGN, Milan  glazed ceramic and sea stone

A project created during a hike with Pierfrancesco Solimene between Cava dei Tirreni and Vietri, between waves and glazes, among the stories of a land devoted to ceramics in which tradition has a double face. It is support, but it is also weight. Shapes have generated from here, from this desire to stage the balance to be sought between the elements. Past Present Future. The sea stone, collected over time by the craftsman on his land, stabilises the weight of a vase made with particular enamels realised over time. When the water is poured inside to accommodate the flowers, the stone holds everything up. Roots, balance and new birth