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Pecten - 2019

designed by Sara Ricciardi

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works


 brass and shells

I walked around the rooms of the State Museum Berlin and I met Pauline Huber in her mid-19th century beauty. Her consort Julius Hubner, a German symbolist painter, had portrayed her like this, with a flowered shell beside her. The shell, from the Venus of Botticelli to the Madonna by Piero della Francesca has always had a very important allegorical role in the arts. Looking at Pauline Huber portrayed by her husband Julius Hubner I was moved. Seeing how such an object transmitted to me the sensation of maximum fecundity, of a fertile soul, as if to mark a new moment of birth. This is why after four years, from that meeting in Berlin and onwards, I started collecting shells. The Pecten collection: nine shells revisited as amulets of birth and fecundity.