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Natura Morta

Natura Morta

Natura Morta - 2016

designed by Sara Ricciardi

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works


marble and brass

The ancient art of Ikebana was the driving force behind the project. The samurai, valiant Japanese warriors, practiced in the "way" of composition (ikebana) with natural elements to find within them the necessary strength to overcome the fear of battle and death that they could encounter at any moment. There are processes to be activated to seek the most intimate balances, natural forms as counterpart for the spirit. Allow yourself to be in time and select specimens of nature to make them sacred. The Still Life project was based on this practice, a series of supports made of different materials such as brass, copper, marble and plaster that invite people to experiment with their creative process, giving rise to natural aphetics with dry branches and dead leaves. Solemn beauties in their last pose.