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Curvy Marble

Curvy Marble

Curvy Marble - 2019

designed by Sara Ricciardi

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works


For the exhibition Atlante Immateriale by the Circolo del Design in Turin and together with the master of scajola Simone Desirò "I was very inspired by Simone Desirò's manufacturing technique of artificial marble which covers surfaces according to the ancient tradition of Rima marble. Out of the observation of the “dressing” of the shapes with plaster pastes, glue and pigments the Curvy Marble project was born, an application of artificial marble on tubular iron volumes. Marble curves were disciplined for organic and feminine geometries.  A mirror and a sinuous stool reconfigure the imagery of a dressing table, a place for make-up, a feminine temple of beauty. The colours are reinterpretations of exotic marbles, such as Green Ming for the stool and Iranian pink onyx for the mirror."