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Pepite lamp

Pepite lamp

Pepite lamp - 2021

designed by Federico Peri

Exhibition Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works

for Purho Murano


Petite is a corded table lamp of restrained dimensions (diameter 60 x height 80mm) made entirely of Murano glass.

Part of the Incisioni collection consisting of vases, candelabra, candle holders and ash trays linked by a careful search for the potential of glass engraving applied to the world of design, Petite is distinguished by a thin base in brushed aluminium and the linearity of the cylindrical body covered with banding, pleating and ribbed cuts. Three models are available: Petite Silk characterized by banding running up to the slightly concave upper surface, Petite Doll It composed of one smooth section with the other half covered by a dense knurling, Petite Stripe covered with thick horizontal lines. Petite — together with its larger twin Haute — is a collection of gracious lamps and unique design made even more special by the three chosen colours: crystal, smoke, rosé.