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Linae vases

Linae vases

Linae vases - 2020

designed by Federico Peri

for Purho Murano


The Linae vases — circular pots with a blunt rim are made in solid colour and thick blown glass — are available in three different shapes and the same number of finishes / incisions on the glass. 

The common starting shape is the sphere, elongated or squashed flat.
The tallest vase, Linae Large, has horizontal incisions creating a pleated effect — a concertina — as if the object could ideally stretch or tighten at will. The medium size, Linae Medium, experiences the effect of gravity more strongly, and is characterized by 7 vertical ribs made by scooping out the glass. The small vase, Linae Small, mix of the two other vases, is similar in shape to the middle-sized one and also feels the force of gravity. The surface has a horizontal “ribbed” incision reminiscent of the largest vase, but on a much smaller scale.