Among the project "Design Made in Hong Kong 2020-2021", conceived to activate a bridge of mutual exchange between Europe and Asia in the name of design, on the occasion of the first exhibition dedicated to the project that will be held in the Hong Kong Arts Centre in the spring of 2021, it was decided to give ample space not only to the projects of the three schools and designers, but also to the design of the great Italian masters, from the 1970s to the 1990s.
A period of great experimentation and of an open gaze on the world, of turmoil and change.
In light of the recurring references to the design of the past, frequently observed during the webinars/bridges between Milan and Hong Kong, it was decided to activate a conversation not only between different countries, between emerging designers and students, but also between past and present.
And in particular between a period as dense and complex as ours and an era equally marked by great changes, which have influenced design like few other historical periods.

In this way, it seemed to us that the circle was closing: the fruition and research of Hong Kong schools in an open dialogue with Italian designers from today and yesterday. Within the background the market of the sector, the maximum systems of design, research and innovation and the complexity of the international situation.