Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong


On initiative of Stefano Fossati, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong, a bridge for dialogue and trade between Italy and Asia has been created:




Milan - Hong Kong design, new forms and functions in parallel with Italian iconic works

Among the project "Design Made in Hong Kong 2020-2021", conceived to activate a bridge of mutual exchange between Europe and Asia in the name of design, on the occasion of the first exhibition dedicated to the project that will be held in the Hong Kong Arts Centre in the spring of 2021, it was decided to give ample space not only to the projects of the three schools and designers, but also to the design of the great Italian masters, from the 1970s to the 1990s.

From 2021-03-26 to 2021-04-04

The meticulous research on the new frontiers of design developed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Design Institute and Hong Kong Baptist University, is representative of the unique reality of the city - Hong Kong has one of the highest population density in the world. By putting each of the three universities in relation with an Italian designer part of a new generation of emerging talents, the project Design Made in Hong Kong 2020 - 2021 aims to

establish an in-depth dialogue between Hong Kong students and Italian designers through a webinar program

3 courses

  • Home

    family connection through design

    "The selection has been made according to the course design topic. We all are looking for new living furniture solutions who could be suitable during this pandemic period or even in a worse situation of lockdown. My attention is gone to the polyfunctional furniture, projects who could be used in multiple ways or who could integrated different functionalities, perfect for compact spaces."

  • Material Life Matters

    ceramic, a new aesthetic

    "Objects play a fundamental role in our daily lives, by shaping our identities as we interact with them. That's why material life matters. Great Italian designers were able to encode their very own identity into their designs, be this identity sensual or playful or exquisitely technical. That's the criterion used to select these design inspirations"

  • SuperStack

    the superimposed home activities in a high density city

    "Today the world is moving towards smaller and smaller housing units. Consequently, the need arises to design taking into account space-saving solutions and multifunctional objects. Stacking objects on top of each other is a common task performed by humans. Objects are often stacked to make or save space, for instance, while shipping or storing them. In product design and engineering, efforts have been invested to allow compact stacking without compromising the product’s intended functionality. Here a series of products and architectures where stickability is really good related with the design."

In collaboration with

The project is created by the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong in collaboration with 5Vie Network / Associazione NMG, curated by Mr. Lawrence studio.

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